Jan. 15, 2021

OAKMONT – Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso (R-Allegheny/Westmoreland) issued the following statement regarding her call on Gov. Tom Wolf and Department of Health Secretary Rachel Levine to work with school officials so students can learn in-person without continual changes that force them to attend school remotely:
“We want normalcy for the students, whose education and overall development have been disrupted tremendously and likely with long-term consequences. Our children shouldn’t be forced to suffer the instability of a few days in the classroom followed by time at home. They can learn in person safely and deserve to do so.

“Often, sadly, disadvantaged students are hurt the most in times like these. For example, private schools in the district will have their students back full-time next week while the kids attending public school are still operating in the hybrid format. There are public schools with adequate space and facilities for social distancing to allow a safe re-entry back into full-time, in-person learning.

“The Wolf administration needs to work with school districts to address any concerns or fears they have about returning to in-person learning. Parents and taxpayers are tired of having no say in how their tax dollars are being spent. Students cannot continue to suffer as they have been.

“As a mother of three myself, I join with other parents who are done with the concept of sending children to their rooms to learn. They need their teachers and classmates – and not just through a screen. They need the health benefits and life lessons that come with playing sports and engaging in other extracurricular activities.

“All children deserve a quality education, and it’s time that their ability to attend school in person is a priority. Wolf and Levine need to work with our school districts to get students back in school and limit the damage that has already been done to them.”

Representative Carrie Lewis DelRosso
33rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Evans
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