Apr. 21, 2021

HARRISBURG – Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso (R-Allegheny/Westmoreland) today announced a $268,848 state grant has been awarded to the Borough of Oakmont for a major flood mitigation project.

Western Pennsylvania experienced record-setting rainfall in 2019, causing major flooding in the Borough of Oakmont. The first-floor flooding affected business owners, ruined improvements to the Creekside park and devastated residents who were forced to evacuate.

“I am thrilled to announce the funding for the Plum Creek project. As a previous member of Oakmont Council, I witnessed firsthand the devastation which occurred from the flooding. The families who were impacted by the flooding will never forget the struggles they faced because of extreme weather. I don’t ever want to see people being pushed from their homes as their possessions are destroyed, and this grant will accomplish a lot that will work to prevent another flood from creating more devastation,” Lewis DelRosso said. “I look forward to the residents being able to have greater peace of mind.”

The proposed project includes four components. The first would re-establish the original elevation of an abandoned coal mine rail bed that travels around the Commons. The rail line, at its original elevation, creates a barrier between Plum Creek and the neighborhood and can guide floodwaters away from residents.

The second part of the project will install a dissipating channel from a stormwater outlet at the top of Crystal Drive to the base of the hill behind the Commons to remove stormwater from the Commons.

Third, the project will construct a stormwater run-off detention facility in the low-lying basin area. This basin would slow and contain stormwater runoff, permit ground regeneration and overflow channel to existing stormwater infrastructure when necessary.

The final part of the project is to install “duckbills” (backflow prevention) on certain stormwater discharge pipes that empty into Plum Creek to prevent a flooding creek from back-flowing into the neighborhood.

The funds were awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority through its Flood Mitigation Program.

Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso
33rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Evans
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